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Things to Do in Kas

Kas the beautiful place for nature lovers is a must go on your holiday list. Whether you love diving, fishing or yachting, everything is available in a beautiful city.

Kas is a hot tourist town, in the southwest of turkey. This town is filled with everything a Muslim desire to have on holidays. The historical places along with the touch of modern environment will make your holidays memorable.

Kas is a piece of heaven on the Mediterranean coast. Takea boat tourfrom Kas to explore the underwater ancient city, hidden beaches and chillout with your friends, partner and family.

Enjoy the Turkish food on the tour because foods are also served in theseboats. Have a super pleasant holiday with your friends.

Kas stores beautiful beaches and colourfulstreets. Get lost in the street andexplore the beautiful Kas.

Remember to keep your wallet because you won't be able to go from there without buying Turkish traditional clothes from the Kas streets.

Find a restaurant in these streets and have an amazing dinner in a suitedenvironment. Pamper yourself with a delicious dinner after a long day at the beach.

Kas is well known for its underwater pursuit.Besides,it has Oceanside restaurants, Kaputas beach, lion tomb and much more to explore.There are a lot of exciting things to do in Kas. Let's reveal turkey's best kept secrets.

Kaputas Beach

Kaputas BeachKaputas beach located 7km from kas and 20km from Kas is an unforgettable and fascinating place to visit.

It is well protected with a hidden canyon and is the most beautiful beach in turkey. Turkey visit without Kaputas beach is incomplete.If you are in Kas, then you should visit Kaputas beach. It's just 15 20 minutes drive from the town centre.

Tip: The best advice is to visit the place in the morning because this beach is usuall y packed with Turks and tourists in the afternoonw hichmight be a sore eye for the conservative Muslims.

Big Pebble Beach

The big pebble beach is another astonishing beach of Kas.It looks so inviting and warm. Youwill feel like visiting the bigpebble beach often. The sun glimmering on the water will mesmerise you.

The clear and sparkling sea with a small raw of wooden snack bars is so appealing that one cannot resist spending hours and hours looking in the beautiful sea, in a calm and suiting environment

Imagine yourself fishing on the beautiful beach of a big pebble. Feelsso relaxing and excited right?Get excited to enjoy your holidays on a big pebble beach with friendly andwelcoming surrounding and tasty food.

No need to worry about food. You will find a great restaurant there. This family restaurant has great service, varieties and good prices.

Tip: Take your beach shoeswith yoursel f because you might get into troubl e due to the big pebbles and hot sand.

Akcagerme Beach

Akcagerme beach located between Fethiye and Antalya is 4 km from Kas.If you are visiting Kas in the summer. You must visit Akcagerme beach. It is one of the top beaches of Kas.

This beach is unique for its mesmerisingemerald colour.The beautiful pine tree covering the beach gives a lovely look

If you are ona family holiday and want to take your children on a safe beach. Akcagerme beach is the best choice for you.

Walk in hands with your partner, carrying your children in the wave less and calm water of Akcagerme beach. You can let your children play in the water without having to worry about the deepness and speedy wave of the beach.

It's an ideal spot for a Muslim family.You can also take your children to the water park located in Akcagerme having colourful slides and two pools.The loud music playing in the area won't disappoint you.

You can also rent sunbedsto enjoy the sunny days. The amazing thing is you can relax in the ice cold showers on the hot days after a sunbath that too free of cost.

Basketball and volleyball courts are also present between Akcagerme beach and the main road. How lovely would it feel to enjoy your favourite games like volleyball and basketball at a beautiful location.

Patara Antik Kenti

Patara is an ancient village in Turkey. This unchanged village, steeped in traditional culture remains unexplored by most of the visitors.

If you love to visit old cities and ancient sites, then Patara is waiting for you. It’scharming and culture surrounding with a beautiful beach won't let you tire of visiting the village often.

This is the best place forMuslim families, looking for some uncrownedbeach. Its unique location and relaxing environment are perfect to spend some quality time with your partner.

This city is so deep. The ruins tellamazing stories of the past.

Tip:The place is within walking distance from town,but the best advice is togo by car.

Kas Belediyesi Halk Plajia

If you are looking for an economical yet amazing place, then Kas Belediyesi Halk Plajia is your destination.

The clear crystal beach with restaurants having a splendid view, tasty food and economical prices are great things to enjoy in your Muslim friendly family holiday. You can even rent a sunbed or umbrella for just 2 3 dollars.

Swim in the sparkling water of Kas Belediyesi Halk Plajia beach with a glass of juice under a shiny sun to enjoy your summer holidays.

Kas Marina

Kas marina the second marina of Kas is the top tourist spot of Turkey which has brought a revolution in the tourist industry.Kas marina is fully equipped with marina services and other facilities to meet the need of visitors.

This is an indispensable place for sea lovers, having restaurants, yacht club, marina service building and much more.

You will love the beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. Walk around the streets to visit great ancient places and mountains.

Tip: The best advice is to visit the place at sunset time. Lay down on the sunbedwith a refreshing drink in your hand and enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

Small Pebble Beach

The small pebble beachisalso known as Kacuk Cakil beach,located in the southeast of the main square in Kas.This beach welcomes visitors 24 hours, 7 days without an entry fee.

It is the best water area for Muslim families with kids for Halal friendly holidays You and your kids can swim at the small bay and take a sunbath.

Restaurants are also available in the small pebble beach to facilitate the visitors.

Tip: As the name suggests, the beach is pebbly. Take your water shoes.

Tugra Art Gallery

Visit the Tugra Art gallery if you love shopping. It is a great shop with great service.The quality and designs are exceptional. The beautifully crafted material will increase your love for Handcrafts.

The prices are very reasonable there. If you get the chance of meeting the owner, ask him the background behind the designs.

You will be amazed to hear his knowledge and interest in art. His passion won't let you walk away from the art gallery without shopping for beautiful things.

Lions Tomb

Lion tomb, located in Kas, Turkey is an ancient spot untouched by mass visitors.Asitsname suggests. The tomb has two lion heads on each side of the lid. It's the old pillar and the sarcastic look tells amazing stories.

The exciting thing is you won't need to travel and pay the fee to see the lion tomb. Because it is near to the Bazar (market),It is usually open all the timeandthere is no entry fee.

Shop the great things of Kas, spot the ancient ruin on your way and discover the history of the place.

Aperlai Ancient City

Aprelai is an ancient place located on the Sicak Peninsula, Kas. It is well known for its history.

It is nearly 4000 years old place. Book your boat tour and explore the underwater city having great secrets and stories.Visit the place with a guide to know interesting facts about the ancient ruins.

It's a great place forhalal friendly holidays specially for those who love to explore ancient ruins.

Narr Beach

Narr beach is an affordable placefor a halal friendly holiday.It is one of the amazing spots of Kas. The beautiful view of the crystal clear water on a sunny day wipesall the worries from the mind.

The people and staff are very friendly and concerned about your well being. You will get a warm welcome on the beautiful beach.

You can take a sunbath while laying on the sunbedand when it's too sunny to handle, youcan even rent an umbrella or sit under a tree for a shadow.

The significant thing is this place also has hotels to buy food and drink. You can also bring your packed food to the area

Gombe Yaylasi

Your halal friendly Kas holiday is incomplete without visiting Gombe Yaylasi .Gombeis a village located in the Akdag mountain range.You can rent a car to visit Gombe from the Kas. The mountain roads from Kas to Gombe are another great treat to enjoy in the way

If you are going to Gombe Yaylasi, then you should grab the chance to see the beautiful view of Ucarsu Waterfall and the green lake.Never miss the juicy apples and pears of Gombe village.

The breathtaking scenery of the waterfall ofthe White Mountainis a must watch. The lakes, mountains and green valley will not let you repentspendingyour money on the journey.

People from the world come over to visit this place.The beautiful mosque and ancient ruins of Gombe village stores interesting stories of their buildings. You can also visit the Friday market to buy affordable yet amazing gifts for your friends and family.

Seyrek Calki Plaji

Seyrek Calki plaji is the best place for those who love to spend quality time on the uncrowned beach.It gives a perfect location for halal friendly holidays

The mountain on the top of the beach gives a complementary look to the beautiful beach.If you are with your partner, this place will hook your eyes. Youcan sit on the mountain and enjoy tasty food and beautiful scenery with your companion

The suiting environment, tidy and clean place and economical prices will make you visit the place often. Theclear sparkling water is so breathtaking and attractive. You won't be able to stop yourselffrom swimming and enjoying the water.

Sunbath and umbrella are also available in the Seyrek Calki plajibeach.

Pinar Kuru

Pinar Kuru beach is another amazingtourist spot of Kas. The rocky beach with mountains over the beach isideal to spend a day in your halal friendly holidays.

The old trees over the Pinar Kuru beach are so interesting and captivating that you won't be able to stop yourselffrom sitting under the tree with a glass of lemonade

Tip: Restaurants are also avail abl e on the beach. The best advice is to take your food w ith yoursel f as the quality of food and staff may disappoint you

Incebogaz Cinar Beach

Incebogaz Cinar BeachIncebogaz Cinar beachis 15 minutes away from the town. This place is perfect to enjoy a relaxing time in clear water. Remember to bring your swimming shoes because it's a very rocky place

Cinar beach is recommended for the familiesenjoying halal friendly holidays in Turkey, Kas. Get your childrento Cinar beach to enjoy the calm and relaxing water.

The good thing is that Ablution facilities are also available on the beach for Muslim visitors.You can visit the beach without having to be worried prayers.

Kalekoy Harbour

Kalekoy is also known as Simenais has a 22 miles distance from the Kas. The distance can be covered by boat and driving both.

Thisbeautiful, traditional village that stores great ancient ruinshas an ideal location for your halal friendly holidays.

The place has a rich history as the sunken city is in the middle of Kalekoy. You can take daily boat trips and visit the crusader castle.

KalekoyCastle is also present at the top of the village. The castle shows a magnificent view of the village and the Mediterranean Sea.

You can also spend the night in a beautiful place as pensions are also arranged for the visitors.

The place is quite small, and the people are really friendly. Restaurants selling great Turkish foods are also available. The ice cream made up of goat's milk is highly recommended by other holidaymakers.

Hidayet Koyu

Hidayet Koyuis a ClearwaterBeach is in a small and rocky area of the Mediterranean Sea. The beach is rich in marine life and blessed with delicious food, friendly service, and comfortable lounges.

For Muslims trying to avoid loudmusic, this is not your place because the music plays all day. Although Turkey is a Muslim country, itdoesnot adhere to the Sharia Law for tourism and does not prepare its beaches for the Conservative Muslims accordingly.

Cirali Beach

Cirali Beachisperfect For Muslims looking for a private beachin their halal friendly holidays.

Cirali might be a wonderful choice as itis a small and rural village located just over 2 hours drive from Kas. It has a 3.5 km secluded beach.

The journey from Kas o Cirali will take 2 hours andspending a day or two in Cirali might be a good idea. Finding a quiet spot to swim is also a pleasant prospect for those trying to avoid the privy eye.

Visit this place to get some rest in your busy life. It is one of the rare places in the world. If you are a nature lover and don't like fanciness this beach is for you.

The ancient ruins of Olympos are located at the far end of its coast. It requires a long hike uponthe mountains to reach the flames of the Chimaera or what they call the eternal flames. The Burning Flames of Chimaerais the heartbeat of the place.

Tip: Vis it the b each in the morningfor beautiful morning charms and to avoid the crow d

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