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Things to do in Kalkan

Kalkan is a lovely coastal town inTurkey,and it is a town blessed with sparkling beaches at every turn;it is the perfect stop for your Halalholidays. Itsbustling cobblestone streets, colorful shops adorned with flowers and greenery, friendly natives, and delicious cuisine will leave you yearning for more.This astonishing blend of fresh air, sparkling beaches and mouth watering cuisine will make you want to forever be a part of this delightful city.

But Kalkan city's charm doesn't only lie in its glorious views. Itscloseness to numerous ancient Lycian cities will lead you to an unforgettable, historical adventure.

And the best thing about Kalkan?

It's an untouched harbortown, free of mass tourism. You wouldn't encounter annoyingly large amounts of tourists, and you can enjoy a secluded vacation in a beautiful town.

Where You Need toGo; See theBest ofKalkan's Beauty

There are many sights to see in Kalkan, and you would notwant to miss them on your Halal holiday

Palm Beach Club

You can't visit Kalkan without visiting its beach clubs and parks. And Palm Beach Club is the perfect spot to taste the most delicioushalalfood, bask in the morning sun, and enjoy the clear, turquoise waters of the Palm Beach.

It also has a private bay for kids and families to enjoy some quality time together, so you can go there on your halal holiday. While enjoying all types of water sports, you can alsogofor free boat rides-provided by the beach club-with your family or spouse on your Halal holiday.

The customer service and servers are incredibly cooperative and accommodatingto Muslims, ensuring a satisfactory, fun day outon your Halal holiday

Whether you want to relax in the sun with a gorgeous, breathtaking view in sight, or want to make your day memorable while enjoying multiple watersports, the Palm Beachclub in Kalkan never disappoints.

You can go water skiingto enjoy your Halal holiday. They offer excellent water skiing tuition,with experts to guide you. No matter your age, you can still enjoy a thrilling water skiing experience.However, it is not confirmed if they have female instructors for Muslim females.

The Palm Beach club also offers wakeboarding,andjet skiing with three person wave runners. Notto forget the luxurious speed boat trips to lead you to secluded areas for a private swim.

Or you can rent a boat. In your very own motor boat, you get the chance to explore the Kalkan bay, and even go snorkeling.

Kalamar Beach Club

Kalamar Beach Club is yet another beach club that adorns Kalkan, luring tourists intoa day well spent. A fun day outin a halal holidaydoesn't have to be costly, and the Kalamar Beach Club-with itsaffordable prices-proves just that.

Though the food at this beach club doesn't do Kalkan cuisine justice, the amazingly clear waters surely make up forit. You can look at different kinds of fishes, and be amazed by the wonders of sea life.

This beach club also offers awiderange of activities, with all the tools available for you to use at your leisure. There's also a floating pontoon to swim to.

You can join the loungers to enjoy the sun, and if you don't like basking in the sun, the Kalamar Beach Club gives you an umbrella to enjoy a refreshing drink in cool shade.But there isn't much privacy for Muslim women to enjoy.

For people who love learning something new, this beach club has a centre that offers diving courses,and arranges diving tours through boats.Your kids can have fun learning to dive on a Halal holiday there.Withinthe entrance fee, you also get a taxi ride back to the place you are staying at.

Xanthos Antik Kenti

If you are in Kalkan for the beaches and fresh air, you can also enjoy a side of ancient history and historic ruins. Xanthos is an ancient historical city, one of the greatest of the Lycian cities, andoncethe capital of the Lycian federation.

Indulging yourself in the history of the Xanthos city is the perfect way to fully enjoy you halal, Muslim holiday. TheXanthos city, once the most important of the Lycian cities, can take you to an adventure back in time. You can tour around the ruins all day, discover new things and never get tired.

There are secrets, stories and tales hidden in every corner, and who doesn't like a good story? Taking a tour guide with you on your Halal holiday works best, as you can gain a lot of knowledge from them, leading you to enjoy Xanthos Antik Kenti to its fullest.The art, architecture, and the beauty of this city will leave you astonished.T

Kalkan Beach Park.

On your Halal Muslim holiday to Kalkan, you absolutely must visit Kalkan beach Park.Kalkan Beach Park will be the highlight of your Halal holiday.Yet another place to enjoy the clear beaches of Kalkan, this beach park offers delicious food and drinks.

The servers are very Muslims friendly, so you can ask them for the Halal menu, and they will certainly try their best to accommodate your needs. The entrance is free, and with the lively atmosphere, Kalkan Beach Parkdoesn't fail to impress.

Reminder; thisbeach park is scattered with pebbles, so keep in mind to bring proper shoes.

Yali Beach Park

Yali Beach Park is another one of Kalkan's treasures. Another one of Kalkan's famous beach parks, the Yali Beach Park will take your heart with itshigh quality meals, andfreshly squeezed fresh juices.

The restaurant in Yali Beach Park has plenty of halal dishes in itsmenu. Youcan rest up on the sun beds under the sun or an umbrella, and the waiters will bring you your halal drinks and snacks.There are steps in Yali Beach Park throughwhich you can easily access the beach, and go for a swim.The locals and servers at Yali Beach Park are Muslim friendly and they will welcome you with open arms on your Halal holiday.

Kalkan Halk Plajl

Kalkan Halk Plajl is a small and lovely place to enjoy the beaches of KalkanThe beach is a stunning mixture of sea green and aquamarine blue. Gazing at the clear water of the beach while having a tasty and Halal meal at Kalkan Halk Plajl is all you can ask for on your Muslim holiday.

There are lots of places where you can eat and drink, and some of them have halal foodand fresh, cool juices. On your Halal holiday, you can go to Kalkan Halk Park to enjoy the fresh breeze on your face, the warm sandbeneath your toes,and a beautiful sunset.

You have a clear view of the sky at Kalkan Halk Plajl, so the sunsets there are very beautiful and the night sky is clear.Whether it is night or day, Kalkan Halk Plajl never fails to make your Halal holiday memorable.

Lycian cities

The town of Kalkan also comes with history, and that is because of the ancient ruins of the Lycian cities. Located very close to Kalkan, the Lycian cities arehistorical citieswith much to see.

On you halal Muslim holiday, you can go on a trip to explore the Lycian cities with your family, friends or spouse.

The main cities of Lycia include Patara, Xanthos and Olympos. Kalkan is the perfect place to stay if you want to explore the Lycian cities and the history embedded in every stone and ruin. Pack something good to eat, wear sturdy shoes, and grab your history diaries for an adventure through the Lycian history.

Remember; If you take a tour guide with you, you can learn all about the history of ancient Lycia.

The Lycian Way

The Lycian Way is a famous trekking path through the Lycian cities. It takes after the name of the Lycian cities. If you enjoy walking-if you enjoy a trek through history-the Lycian Way is just what you need. With stupefying,secret spots hidden around every corner, the beautiful view,and the surprises that you encounter along the Lycian Way, this trekwill be your most enjoyable trekyet.

You can freshen up and trek the Lycian Way on your Halal holiday, and loseyourself in the history, art and beauty of the Lycian cities. These cities exist to amaze.

Patara Ruins

Patara was the capital city of Lycia. The Patara Ruins are yet another part of the Lycian cities, as stunning as theXanthos Antik Kenti. There's a Patara beach you can go to have fun.

The mix of history and fresh beach air boosts yourtour spiritto the maximum. There's so much to learn about the Lycian cities in the Patara ruins, and history buffs will love the chance to gain more knowledge of ancient Lycian history.

Patara Amphitheater

In the Patara ruins, there are two amphitheaters enrichingthe history of the city. One of them has been left on its own to age gracefully, while the other has a slight touch of modernism. The Patara ruins, amphitheater, and beach are very close to Kas and Kalkan.

Things toDo; The Best Way toEnjoy Kalkan

We havegot down the places we need to visit in Kalka, but what about the activities? What can we with our day in Kalkan? Well, here are a few things you can do in Kalkan.

Enjoy the Kalkan Market

On your halal holiday trip to Kalkan, you need to reserve a day for the lively Kalkan market. In the Kalkan market, you can experience what it feels to be a Kalkan local.

All the vendors in the Kalkan market are locals, and very friendly ones at that. You can shop for souvenirs, freshfruits andingredients to cook a delicious meal with. The jewelry, watches, carpets, and the artof Kalkan hasitsown unique style, exquisite and refreshing.

There are vendors selling sweet, original honey, fresh fruits and vegetables. The atmosphere of the market is joyous, busy and astonishing. It makes you want tolaughout loudandenjoy your halal holiday to its fullest.

Go Snorkeling

Kalkan has such clear, beautiful beaches, very well suited for snorkeling. On your Halal holiday, the men can go marvel at all the different fishes, take a step into marine life. And the women can enjoy fresh juices on the boats, gazing at the fishes just out of reach.

Jet Skiing

For thrill seekers, jet skiing can be the experience to seekthemost in Kalkan. The beach clubs and parks all around Kalkan offer jet skiing.

On your Halal holiday, you can enjoy a fun day at the beach. Teenagers can go jet skiing with theirfriends, or a dad can enjoy a jet skiing adventure with his son. No matter who you are with, few things can match up to the thrill of jet skiing in Kalkan.

Kalkan's Gulet Cruise

Want to kick back, and let someone else take thelead on your Halal holiday? Aday trip on Kalkan's traditional Gulet cruisewill do you some justice. The Gulet cruise offers multiple equipments free of charge-for you to go snorkeling and do many other activities.

The cruise stops at some famous places, for you to experience the best, and only the best of places. It will make your Halal holiday relaxing andadventurous.

Taste A Roof top Dinner in Kalkan

Most hotels in Kalkan offer roof top dining, and you shouldgrab this golden chance on your Halal holiday. There are quite a few restaurants and cafes that offer some halal dishes in their menus. Tasting mouth watering halal food under a blanket of stars, surrounded by the glittering beaches of Kalkan-can there ever be a more fulfilling holiday?

Take A Stroll Through theStreets ofKalkan

No matter how many famous places you visit, you just can't experience the real town of Kalkan without mingling with the locals. The fresh air, the sounds liveliness, and the wonders of a foreign city will be bewildering and astounding.

Talk a leisure walk around the town, talk to the locals, laugh with them and get to know them. Becauseno one knows the town better than the locals.

They will tell you what theyenjoy. They will tell you about the small bakery in a quiet part of town that sells yummy tarts, in which restaurant you can have a private meal, where the sunset looks the most beautiful, where the stars shine the brightest-all the secrets the locals keep in their hearts.

Or you can just take in the aesthetic city, smell some flowers, taste some chocolates, and smile.

Kalkan is a town not many choose to visit, but those who do never seem to regret it. This town of beaches, history, food, quiet boat rides and fun takes the heart of many. If you choose to visit Kalkan on your Halal holiday, don't forget to take in the town under the night sky. Those moments you will never regret.

Come Once and Come Again

With enjoyment and joy to be found at every corner and its bustling streets filled with colorful shops, adorned with greenery and flowers at every turn-Kalkan is not a city you can have enough of with just a single, short visit. You come once, and you can't keep yourself from coming back again.This city of beaches, history, and food leaves a deep impression on your heart.It breeds beautiful memories. Kalkan is a remarkable town, a hidden gem surrounded by ruins and clear water.

Your Accommodation Affects Your Holiday

For a prolonged stay in Kalkan, to enjoy this cute harbor town on your Halal holiday, you can rent a luxurious holiday home. After a full day of excitement,coming back to stay in a villa will certainly boost your experience in Kalkan.

If you have a good place to rest, you can wake up charged for another day of adventure. A small hotel room, however, will have the opposite effect.

Need a comfortable, luxurious, and Muslim friendly place to stay in on your visit to Kalkan?

Go no further, because we have the best holiday homes available for Muslims on a trip to Kalkan. Itisincredibly hard to find one that especially carters to the needs of Muslim travelers

Our holiday homes have been made with the comfort of Muslim touristsin mind. We seek to help Muslim tourists enjoy their Halal holiday, and have a nice, Muslim friendly place to come back to.

The nature of your holiday rests in your choice of accommodation. So choose wisely, keeping your needs as a Muslim in mind.

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