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Book Your Sharia-Compliant Holiday Homes With Us is your gateway to a pleasant halal holiday in a top of the range holiday homes. Going on a holiday can be a daunting task and there is hardly a perfect holiday. Flights can be delayed, transfers can go wrong but most importantly, accommodations can give any holiday maker nightmares. Choosing the right accommodation is vital and a major factor of the holiday process.

Why Chose

The halal holiday industry is a growing trend and more Muslims are opting for this market. If you are a conservative Muslim and as a holiday maker, if halal holiday is in your conscience, you are at the right place. With Us, you will spend your holiday in a property that is alcohol free, a property that has secluded and private swimming pools and most importantly, you and your family will have total privacy. Our customers will have the whole place to themselves and hosts will be close by to respond to their queries.

Our call centres are 24/7 available and will respond to any requirement and will address all your concerns. We adhere the Islamic rules and regulations and we will make sure that both the hosts and our customers are content and there are no unsolved disputes.

Although there are several halal businesses that cater for halal holiday makers, is second to none as we are 100% Sharia-compliant and we don’t compromise. Some of the halal holiday providers have properties that alcohol is served, and they claim they will take the alcohol from your room. is different, we don’t allow alcohol being brought to our holiday homes. We let Muslim homes to Muslims and that eliminates the possibility of cooking non-halal food, pets and certainly partying in our holiday homes.

Book Halal Beds: Tailored Luxury Holidays in Turkey

We are Book Halal Beds, leaders in providing Sharia and halal compliant holidays across the globe. Through our extensive experience, we provide halal hotels, all-inclusive holiday packages, and flights & local transport guidance. What’s more, we give you tailored local information on halal restaurants and shops, as we keep halal compliance and your enjoyment at the forefront of all our services. Not only do we ensure the holiday package adheres to halal and Sharia rules, but we’re also ensuring the whole service is tailored to you and your needs, so you can be sure to have a holiday which fulfils your desires, without the stress that comes with planning a halal holiday in Turkey.

What is a halal holiday?

Halal tourism is tourism that is tailored towards Muslim individuals and families who are looking to enjoy the benefits of a lavish holiday whilst staying Sharia compliant, adhering to the rules of Islam. This means no alcohol – both in the hotel room, home, but also in the complex and the premises. It’s a full guarantee that your holiday in Turkey will be fully compliant. Unlike many halal holiday companies who claim to be halal compliant, we ensure that there is no alcohol in any of the premises, rather than just removing any prohibited items from your room. We go the extra mile so that you can enjoy your holiday, stress-free.

What’s more, we often find that many swimming pools, hotels, and holiday homes on offer in Turkey aren’t accommodating for those looking for privacy. That’s why we provide fully secluded swimming pools, so you can enjoy the ultimate privacy, comfort, and luxuriousness (all the things you want in a holiday in Turkey to switch off from the outside world), with the knowledge that everything is fully halal compliant. We understand that discretion is important to many, and it is at the heart of our holiday packages in Turkey. Our holiday homes, apartments, and hotel rooms present unparalleled privacy throughout, allowing you to enjoy your holiday and temporarily escape civilisation and the stress that comes with it.

Thanks to Book Halal Beds, you can live in a lavish property that has no outside visibility, so you can enjoy relaxing in a spa / pool without the gaze of the outside world. A large part of the Muslim community book through other halal holiday booking sites, hoping for the advertised Sharia compliance. These are the same properties as other sites, including ours – but we tailor our options to provide the same hotels and holiday homes in Turkey, for cheaper, with the halal compliance guarantee, such as secluded pools, as well as local information on Turkish halal restaurants, shops, and more. We often offer the same hotel rooms and destinations cheaper than other big sites, so make sure to browse our offers regularly for unmissable halal hotel deals.

We’re dedicated to providing the perfect halal holiday package for you, so get in touch today and let us see how we can help you. Our bespoke halal holiday services ensure throughout that this is the best holiday package for you. With extensive experience in the holiday and travel industry, we use our expertise to provide fully halal-compliant holidays in Turkey, allowing you to enjoy this beautiful country with the serenity you seek. We understand that you want to enjoy holidays like everyone else, with the luxurious aspects you need, but without trespassing your religious views and needs. Those who know Book Halal Beds, use Book Halal Beds. If you are after a Sharia-compliant, tailored halal holiday in luxurious destinations, look no further. We have incredible halal holidays in Turkey on offer, with private villas, secluded swimming pools, beach resorts, and more. Get in touch today and start looking forward to an unforgettable holiday. at Your Disposal

Regardless of your location and requirements, we can serve your needs and ensure to give you a lifetime memorable holiday experience. You can book holiday homes, flights, transfers, halal tour activities and car rentals. is different from other vacation rental websites. If you let us, we will plan your whole trip. Whether you require a chauffeured car or a private chef, we can provide. During your stay in our holiday homes, we can host an experience for you and your family. We will also organize a Islamic tour, a historic visit to the surrounding areas or any other activities that our customers chose.

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Very professional company, I travelled several times using their services and I’m always satisfied. Prices are amazing and customer service is excellent.



Very good travel agency sorted my holiday out to the last details. Professional and caring person who found a good package for my family, went far and beyond for our holiday and even sorted our airport pick-up and drop off.



I have been on holiday twice with this travel agency and both times it was a delight. The holiday was organised well and every thought was put into consideration of my needs and my families. The holiday was good value as I got a good family package and I would definitely travel again with this company again.


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